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Did you know that you can escape to Idaho but still be here in London?
A few weeks ago Eulanda, my friend from HDYTI and I were
invited by Ushma and Silvia from Aviareps agency. It was to experience an intimate event for five bloggers and photographers entitled "A Taste Of Idaho".
The venue was a plush hotel, K West Hotel & Spa. On arrival, they put on a warm reception for us and soon after we were whisked away and given our own robes and slippers. We were then invited down to the spa area, Oh wow! I could hear Gene Wilder singing ..."come with me....."
Everything looked so inviting, I wanted to go the sauna, oh no I wanna go to the steam room... we all ended up heading to the hydrotherapy pool first. Then we decided from there we would do a round trip: the steam room, the two saunas (which were at different temperatures, the hottest one was just right for me).
We were also told that this hotel was chosen because it has London's first snow paradise cabin, which replicates the drop temperatures in winter months in Idaho. However, Idaho is home to natural and mineral hot springs. Going into the cabin I thought it was going to be unpleasant and freezing. But it was the opposite! The air in the cabin reminded of a cold mist on a mountain. We were advice to only stay in there up to a minute but when you get in there, it feels so refreshing and you feel stay in there longer...but when that minute comes you take they advise because now it's cold! That incorporated the hot rooms made me feel so invigorated and my mind lighter and clearer.

After the spa, our host Ushma and Silvia, along with their presentation treated us to a feast of different platters of food. There was then a cooking class with foods that are native to Idaho.
The hotel chef made for us Idaho's traditional doughnut. darker in colour like a brownie - wasn't sugar coated, it soft and fluffy and chocolatey. The hatch brown -the size of a saucer and quite thick was fried in delicious smelling butter and had a golden texture.

The reception from our host Ushma and Silvia and the staff at k west was wonderful. I felt as if for a day I had escaped the hustle and bustle of city life. The host represented their company and Idaho outstandingly and the K West staff were warm and attentive throughout our stay.
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