Business Lifestyle Photoshoot-London Carine Ottou




 I met Carine through an online forum. I learned that Carine had a food & dining blog and was in the middle of creating her own cooking sauces. Carine is also the Founder of

She wanted some personal branding images of herself to showcase her creations (look out for her sauces "Marie's Little Jar", we are planning this for her next shoot). 

It was a treat to work with Carine, we shot in portobello road, one of our favourite places. It's has all the colours of the rainbows they give pop to the images.  



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Thank you for visiting my website. If you would like to arrange a business lifestyle/Headshots session with me, in or outdoors (Outside London too...I love to travel). Please fill out the contact form Here to discuss your requirements. Or you can email me to discuss your wishes [email protected]


These are the kind of people I would love to work with:

  – Inspirational stories of creatives and their business adventures. 

– Creatives who work in unique or beautiful locations

– Real People, showcasing their talents

– Travellers /Bloggers/Entrepreneurs 


Actors - Headshots

   Hope to hear from you soon!

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