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Waterford Estate Wine Tasting at London Selfridges


We are at Selfridges the home of exquisite retail shopping. While we are tempted to while away the hours exploring this vast store ...,we won't . We have been invited to a wine tasting event hosted by Marc Le Roux and Lynsey Barnes on behalf of Waterford Estate, which is situated in South Africa. 

The Waterford Estate is located in the renowned Stellenbosch region. Today we are tasting the Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 and the Waterford Estate Jem 2011.


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Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


The fruitiness and fullness of the Sauvignon hits you immediately. Its a full bodied wine, and pleasantly warm.

"This wine is great as a compliment to a steak dish also good with some rock salt chocolate "

Marc Le Roux

With ripe cherries , black current and cedar wood the Sauvignon takes a few weeks to blend.


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Marc is in his 8th year making wine with Waterford, we asked him why he took up wine making

".. I come from a family of accountants but I also have a background in chemistry....I felt wine making worked perfectly with my

 creative side and scientific side.."

The Jem in contrast to the Sauvignon does not immediately hit you with its flavours. a more, drawn out affair,  it's dark fruit and earthy tones envelope the pallet and then slowly reveal it's vintage, long after your first sip.Its

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Waterford Estate Jem 2011.


"..this is remincent of a Spanish or South American feel, this wine can be drunk on its own, just sit back , relax ...and enjoy.."

We discovered that winery's generally have set ideas of what they produce but great vintages are in the hands of the weather. A good season is one with plenty of rain throughout region. Marc went a little more into the Waterford's process...

"...we make 5 wine samples a week. We choose the most consistent in taste. You want a consistent taste and you have to adjust to what the harvest produces, balance is the key to the wines longevity.."


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As we enjoyed the lingering taste of the Jem , Lynsey filled us in on some of the events hosted at Waterford... From Wine Drive Safaris and Porcupine Trails to unique Wine and Chocolate tasting experiences! ( sounds good )


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Hearing about the beautiful vistas on the estate contrasted to the autumnal feel of London. Alas we could only dream of the warmer shores of South Africa..but taking a glass of the Jem for one more drive could only prolong our experience ....mmmm

Links to Waterford Estate 





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