Hi, I am Lorraine the woman behind C More Vision Photography. I am a lifestyle & Portrait photographer, working both in studio and on-location. Most of my life I have been interested in photography. I love taking pictures and capturing relaxed, natural portraits and real moments in people's lives. Whenever I can, I get my clients to take pictures outdoors and at their home, where real life happens and they images will remind them of this. However, it's also nice taking portraits inside a studio, where I create both fineart and natural portraits. We have to be flexible, especially when we have no other choice but to be indoors with our English weather.


The name "C More Vision" is a name that has deep meaning for me. My oldest brother Seymour Caballero was sadly taken to heaven some years ago and I always wanted to do something with that wonderful name of his......

And That's What I Do Through The Eyes Of My Lens.

Lorraine - C More Vision x


C More Vision aim is to also inspire others in their pursuit of they career's & ambitions. I also support charities that are close to our hearts.